Why choose me as your personal trainer?

WellFitTherapy - Personal Training in Wellington, Somerset

A lot of people find it hard to exercise regularly and to push themselves to get results from their workouts! This could be due to a number of reasons, both physically and mentally. For example - Recovering for an injury which requires a rehab programme, lack of motivation, too tired or simply find exercise boring! This is where a trainer can really step in and change that persons perspective to a more positive approach. As a trainer & Therapist I can give you a structured workout tailored to your exact needs and requirements, making the exercise session help build strength both physically & mentally. Motivation & confidence will all get you results from all the hard work!
Personal training can be completed indoors & outdoors, (weather permitting) Spartan Chamber is a fully fitted personal training unit with a Therapy Room in Wellington. Showers and changing facilities are available on site.

A trainer can give you a structured workout tailored to your exact needs

Why choose WellFit training?

WellFitTherapy - Personal Training in Wellington, Somerset

The choice seems to be endless when it comes to choosing a personal trainer as it is a very competitive market out there! In the training unit gives you the personalised touch not only in the environment your working out in, where we can control the amount of people training at any one time, but in the training programs I will take you through, which are designed to get you what you want from your training. During your initial consultation you are accessed to establish how your body moves, then I tailor the exercises specifically to you and your goals.

Goals you can work towards such as:
- Rebuilding your core stability
- Increasing Range of Movement
- Build Strength
- Build muscle mass
- Toning Up
- Increase flexibility
- Introducing rehabilitation exercises into you daily routine